Cloud Crest, 2019

 "The man who 

has no imagination 

 has no wings."

—Muhammad Ali

Evergreen, 2019

  "May you live 

all the days of your life."

—Jonathan Swift

Chalk Graffitti, 2012

  "We teach children 

 to color inside the lines, 

and then expect adults 

  to think outside 

   the box."

 —Sir Ken Robinson

Sidewalk Broom, 2010

Keep Your Day Job

Creativity flourishes when you’re creating for yourself and no one else. Creativity becomes more difficult when your livelihood depends upon what you create (and you begin to think too much about what your audience will think of your product). Perhaps this is why so many successful and creative people held on to their day jobs. Many of them, like Stephen King, who was a schoolteacher, produced their breakout (and, in King’s case, what many consider his very best) work while they still held a 9 to 5.

Day jobs provide more than the much-needed financial security to create freely. They also add structure to your day that can make your creative time a wonderful release. The list of successful, creative minds who kept their day jobs is a long one. Some notable individuals include Jacob Arabo, who started designing his own jewelry while working in a jewelry shop; William Faulkner, who worked in a power plant while writing As I Lay Dying; and musician Philip Glass, who worked as a plumber.

               —Dr. Travis Bradberry

Raindrops, 2014

  "The way I see it, 

if you want the rainbow,

 you gotta put up 

with the rain." 

—Dolly Parton

Silver Clouds, 2019


   "Men succeed when they realize

    that their failures are the preparation 

     for their victories." 

   —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunrise Grove, 2019


  "Life is either

 a great adventure 

  or nothing."

—Helen Keller

Bicycle Tracks, 2006

 "Life is the art of drawing 

without an eraser."

—John W. Gardner

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