Morning Dew, 2016

    "The children who need love the most   

        will always ask for it in the most 

                     unloving ways."

                   —Russell Barkley

Pond Reflections, 2014


      True reflection begins with honest 

      self-reflection -- especially, when 

      reflecting on other people's actions. 

      Understanding the behavior of others 

      only begins when we penetrate the 

      surface of our own behavior.

Golden Sun, 2015


     "When you do things from your soul, 

           you feel a river moving in you, 

                            a joy."


Morning Glories at Dawn, 2014

     My energy as an artist renews itself 

     each day, with each dawn.

     Always awakening -- always dawning;

     always in a spirit of gratitude!

Twilight Hues, 2014

  Although, I appreciate the universe's 

  wonders from science's view -- I am freer 

  to appreciate the "beauty of mystery" 

  from a spiritual view.

Twilight Cascade, 2016



 A life brimming with "material energy" 

 is only half-lived without "creative energy"

 and even less so without "spiritual energy"

 --brimming with "less" is truly "more"!

Limitless Sky, 2014

     Only when stretching our abilities 

     beyond our reach, can we truly grow 

     and expand our vision beyond what 

     we know -- for what we don't know 

     is always "just" beyond our grasp.

Dawning Flow, 2014

       Learning how to observe myself
       Teaches me how to see myself.

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