Sunset Calligraphy, 2018

"Don't count the days, 

 make the days count." 

  —Muhammad Ali

Autumn Glow, 2018


                      "If you love life, 

                    don't waste time, 

                  for time is what life 

                      is made up of."


                       —Bruce Lee

August Dusk, 2018

 "Don't judge each day 

 by the harvest you reap 

  but by the seeds that 

    you plant." 


 —Robert Louis Stevenson

Cloud Break, 2018

"Your talent 

is God's gift to you. 

What you do with it 

is your gift back 

to God."

—Leo Buscaglia

Cloud Streams, 2018

  "The wider your orbit in life, 

   the wider your understanding 

    of life."

    —Robert M. Hopkins


Ocean View, (Old San Juan, Puerto Rico), 2003

"Twenty years from now you will be more 

disappointed by the things that you didn't 

do than by the ones you did do, so throw 

off the bowlines, sail away from safe 

harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. 

Explore. Dream. Discover." 

—Mark Twain

Twilight Stream, 2016



              "The bad news is time flies. 

         The good news is you’re the pilot."

                     —Michael Altshuler


Beijing Sunset, 2016

Is your brain missing the sunset? 

When our ancestors first discovered fire, they mastered two elements of their environment, light and heat. 

Candlelight resembled the last light of a sunset and when electricity came along, we lit our evenings with the warm, red-spectrum hues of incandescent light, reminiscent of a brighter, intense sunset. 

Today, the interval between day and night is erratic, abrupt and lacks a sunset of any kind as LED lights perpetuate the bright blue light of daytime. The only way to give our brains a sunset in the middle of our urban jungles is to artificially create one.


A sunset follows a day of sunshine, so try to get as much daylight as possible during the day. This increases melatonin production at night. In the evening, make your lighting as red and dim as possible. Many electronic devices now offer blue light filters and blue blocking glasses are becoming increasingly available. Heat, food, noise and exercise also act against melatonin, so they’re better if shifted to earlier on in the day. 

—Mithu Storoni MD, Ph.D.


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