Reflections in a Rain Puddle, 2014

"Your living is 

determined not so much 

by what life brings to you as by 

the attitude you bring to life; not so 

much by what happens to you as 

by the way your mind looks 

at what happens."

—Khalil Gibran

Cloud Flow, 2016

Haibun Poetry

                        Autumn Sky

Stepping outside into our roof-top garden, turning browner and sparser by the day, I look up into the glorious autumn sky — so clear and blue, and eye-squinting bright from the morning sun, I almost gasp at the sight of a new tenant, already making itself at home: a big garden spider, suspended high over my head in the center of an audacious web that spanned, not alongside the periphery of our patio, but right across the center of it — from an overhanging eave of our apartment to a small tree alongside the north-view railing. After a cursory glance of it's monumental scale, and before I could even take another breath, an unsuspecting guest arrived, proving only too well, the terrible efficiency of its design.

                        unbroken web —

                        a stinkbug freezes 

                        in mid-flight

                                 —Robert M. Hopkins

Sunset Calligraphy, 2018

"Don't count the days, 

 make the days count." 

  —Muhammad Ali

Autumn Glow, 2018


                      "If you love life, 

                    don't waste time, 

                  for time is what life 

                      is made up of."


                       —Bruce Lee

August Dusk, 2018

 "Don't judge each day 

 by the harvest you reap 

  but by the seeds that 

    you plant." 


 —Robert Louis Stevenson

Cloud Break, 2018

"Your talent 

is God's gift to you. 

What you do with it 

is your gift back 

to God."

—Leo Buscaglia

Cloud Streams, 2018

  "The wider your orbit in life, 

   the wider your understanding 

    of life."

    —Robert M. Hopkins


Ocean View, (Old San Juan, Puerto Rico), 2003

"Twenty years from now you will be more 

disappointed by the things that you didn't 

do than by the ones you did do, so throw 

off the bowlines, sail away from safe 

harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. 

Explore. Dream. Discover." 

—Mark Twain

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