Wall Constructions: Overview


Shifting Fragments 

Shifting Fragments originates from Hopkins’s interest in the figurative nature of language, which he explores by combining text with archetypal images that consciously play with the structural nature of meaning. Over time, he also began to play with the traditional "window" approach to painting by experimenting with alternative "window shapes". By the time of his MA show, he developed interacting shapes that played with right-brain and left-brain concepts.

See Shifting Fragments Gallery.

 Secular Templates

Secular Templates mark an important departure from Hopkins’s previous series, Shifting Fragments. Most notably, it eschews a representational approach to painting, as well as the conceptual use of text — both hallmarks of Hopkins’s previous work. Instead, it pursues a more reductive and sculptural aesthetic — a formal language that would eventually lead Hopkins to explore wall sculptures, and, at the same time, develop a more visceral approach.

See Secular Templates Gallery.