Studio View, Beijing. 2008

Presenting New Work: Blind Insights

In 2004, Robert M. Hopkins, an American artist from California, moved from downtown Los Angeles to China after finding romance in Beijing. Although he had never dreamed of moving to China, or of ever staying for more than ten years, it was a profoundly immersing experience, and in keeping with the trajectory of his past work. In following his heart, Hopkins also had to balance teaching English and assimilating to a new culture which were challenging much of his time as a professional artist. Yet, through a process of osmosis and acclimation in the studio, a new body of work emerged, Blind Insights -- now presented here, for the first time, along with Hopkins' new web site: an online studio-gallery, documenting the evolution of his work and life as an artist.       


  "I am inspired by notions of circadian rhythms, 

and how they literally encompass the passage of time
— circadian rhythms are the very rhythm of life."

Onadyme, 2004; Bevel Cuff, 2004.
Bayou Twist, 2003
Vespers Orbeum, 1996