Sketchbook Studies

The Time-Lapse Nature of "Sketchbook Studies" 

A Selected Survey: 2006 - 2013


Synapses II (Detail), 2006
Uncture (Detail), 2007
Discourse (Detail), 2008


"Although I have a certain system for their initial angles of lines,  

they are meant to be freely improvised."

Artist Statement

Submerged (Detail), 2008

Sketchbook Studies is literally a series of contour-line sketches from my sketchbook, begun shortly after arriving in China. They were primarily intended as an exercise for keeping my hand in drawing, while adapting and acclimating to a new culture and surroundings.

Done very quickly, in a gestural approach of just a few minutes, they are often "riffing" off the Circadian Loops series in terms of their circular, overlapping, positive-negative spaces.

Extrication (Detail), 2008

Although I have a certain system for the initial angles of lines, they are meant to be freely improvised, and are done in several stages of drawing and erasure. In the later drawings, the first stage of lightly sketched lines are done blindly.

I am especially intrigued by the interplay between positive and negative space, and how simple lines can suggest sculptural forms merely through the use of negative space.

Helium (Detail), 2011

Overall, when viewing the sequence of these sketchbook drawings -- especially in a scrolling format, I am fascinated by their time-lapse quality: not only in terms of how they reveal themselves as studies of movement, but also, as metaphors for adaptability in how they flex, twist, and rotate on the page from one sketch to another.

Ultimately, they represent, for me, the organic energy of movement that animates all living forms.

                                                          --Robert M. Hopkins


Adrenaline, 2006
Synapses I, 2006
Synapses II, 2006
Quard, 2007
Lasso, 2007
Uncture, 2007
Extrication, 2008
Discourse, 2008
Submersion, 2008
Protean Twist, 2009
Formal Reply, 2009
Orbicum I & II, 2009
Synonymous, 2010
Airborne, 2010
Cellular, 2010
Helium, 2011
Self-Reflexive, 2011
Symbiosis, 2011
Solstice, 2012
Cochlea, 2012
Spandex, 2012
Cranial Views, 2013
Celestial, 2013
Orbital Scope, 2013