My Studio Insights 

         "A capsule of artistic insights for unlocking creative energy."
Upcoming Newsletter

Robert M. Hopkins will soon premier a subscription newsletter, My Studio Insights. To receive a trial subscription — directly in your inbox, please submit your email address at:

My Studio Insights will offer capsule discussions about the nature of creativity, along with thoughtful insights into Hopkins’s own practice of making art. Hopkins maintains that "creative energy" is an innate ability of all human beings, and a key ingredient for living a fulfilling life. Too often, though, it remains a dormant resource. Whether making, viewing or collecting art, Hopkins advocates living with art as a beneficial life-style for awakening the flame. My Quote of the Day will be the initial "spark" for each newsletter.

My Studio Insights will also feature ongoing commentary about Hopkins’s Works in Progress, as well as Archives of his past work, with Collectors Notes for those interested in buying his work.