Inner Navigations

Artist Statement

Inner Navigations is a series of contour drawings, made with graphite on paper, that originally derive from my Sketchbook Series. Now freed from my sketchbook, they breath new life as independent drawings -- moving beyond mere sketches and exercises. 

As with the Sketchbook Series, I begin with quick, blind contour sketches, allowing them to gradually reveal themselves through a process of drawing and erasure. Their formal structures are basically abstract and improvised with a sculptural sense of space. In pursuing this intuitive approach, I am taking a "leap of faith" into what I call "intuition-fruition". In Inner Navigations, I particularly enjoy dramatizing the push-and-pull tension between two dimensional and three dimensional space that is uniquely characteristic of contour line drawing.

I am also intrigued by the interplay of positive and negative spaces -- how their flipping back and forth parallels the inner and outer worlds of reality: an ever shifting balance between the objective and subjective, the concrete and intuitive, the empirical and spiritual. Ultimately, I see my drawings as navigating the continuum between all such realities.

--Robert M. Hopkins