Works on Paper: Overview

Blind Insights

Stratum, 2015
Blind Insights reveals Hopkins' fascination with the "visceral" nature of emotional experiences and how they are processed through our bodies' system of "feedback-loops". The layering process of collage, along with the elements of gouache washesand wooden skewers, provides Hopkins with an evocative combination of materials for exploring the mysterious process of contemplation — the ultimate source of self-identity and meaning.


Inner Navigations

Apropos, 2016

Inner Navigations is a series of contour-line drawings, made with graphite on paper, that takes an exploratory, sketch-approach in creating intuitively derived forms of organic-mechanical elements. As the series title suggests, they allow Hopkins to navigate the inner realms of self-reflection and contemplation. Their structural interplay between positive and negative space reflect the sculptural interests of his earlier work, as well as the drawings of his Sketchbook Series. At the same time, they reveal Hopkins' interest in discovering a new discourse in the evolution of his forms.

See Inner Navigations Gallery.


Sketchbook Studies

Extrication (Detail), 2008

Sketchbook Studies is a series of original sketches from Hopkins's sketchbook, begun after arriving in China. They are drawn rapidly, in a matter of a few minutes, and were primarily intended as an exercise for keeping Hopkins 's hand in drawing, while adapting and acclimating to a new culture and surroundings. Their interplay between positive and negative space reveal their inspiration from Hopkins's earlier wall sculptures, especially the twisting forms of his Circadian Loops series. They literally become metaphors for the ever evolving nature of identity and growth.