Timelines: Overview

 Timeline I

Detail of "Hybrid Vigor" announcement, 1998.

Timeline I features Hopkins's years in Southern California, from 1986-2004, where he received his formal art training with a B.F.A and M.A. from CSU Fullerton, and completed his M.F.A. at Claremont Graduate University. While an undergraduate at CSUF, he helped convert an old storefront space into a studio loft on the Pomona Mall, where he continued to live until his graduation from CGU. Hopkins officially entered the LA art scene by moving into his first downtown studio in the fall of 1990.


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Timeline II

Standing on "The Circular Mount Altar", Temple of Heaven complex, Beijing, 2015.

Timeline II covers Hopkins's years in Beijing, from 2004-Present, where he came for "romantic" reasons after meeting his future wife while traveling in the summer of 2004. Although uncertain about how long he would stay, Hopkins felt that his years as a downtown artist had allowed him to live anywhere he chose, as long as he could make art. Little did he realize how living abroad would both challenge and deepen his understanding of creativity.