Robert M. Hopkins

Robert M. Hopkins


Circadian Loops

Artist Statement 

Circadian Loops is a series of wall sculptures, in which I use wood segments to form twisting loops -- organic forms inspired by notions of circadian rhythms. Commonly known as "body clocks", circadian rhythms are cycles that tell our bodies when to sleep, rise, and eat -- regulating, in fact, many of our physiological processes. Found virtually in all living organisms, circadian rhythms take about 24 hours to complete -- achieved through a feedback loop in which two pairs of proteins turn each other on and off. All such biological clocks are adaptations to life on a rotating world.

In my series, Circadian Loops, I regard the elements of loops and cycles as paralleling various patterns of life on our rotating earth -- such as plant growth, sound waves, and mechanical instruments. Circadian rhythms literally encompass the passage of time and the various patterns of day-to-day life. Additional materials, such as fabric and plastic, suggest figurative forms in movement -- an "organic energy" that characterizes all living organisms. Ultimately, I arrange these pieces in scattered clusters on the wall, creating a parallel universe of circadian rhythms.

—Robert M. Hopkins

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