Robert M. Hopkins

Robert M. Hopkins


Rust-Stained Series

Artist Statement  

In Rust-Stain Series, I am inspired by the process of oxidation as a medium, and how it allows the viewer to perceive the work from the "inside-out". By wrapping and unwrapping rusted metal with wet canvas, I am pursuing a "shroud" approach in which I "reverse" the traditional relationship between painting and canvas. By applying the canvas to the surface of the medium, rather than the other way around, I am producing "pigmentation" randomly in a "self-painting" process.

Conceptually, I am interested in how the process of oxidation is able to literally capture "something" of the "subject" that traditional painting could only capture "illusionistically". I believe that this imbues the work with a should-like pathos, evoking the absence of someone or something through the presence of their transferred stains. 

In addition, the curvilinear armatures of these works provide a corporal presence that is both grounding and otherworldly. By combining sculptural forms with rust-stain patterns, I am seeking a balance between form and contemplation -- reflecting my own process of rumination, as well as inviting those of the viewer. 

—Robert M. Hopkins

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