Robert M. Hopkins

Robert M. Hopkins


Process-Work Series

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Artist Statement 

Process-Work is an experimental body of work that explores alternative methods of "pigmenting" washed, raw canvas. In focusing on "process" approaches to making art, I initially began with the process of decomposition. By wrapping and unwrapping wet canvas around perishable food, such as fruits and vegetables, I was able to systematically transfer stains from decomposition onto raw canvas. In turn, this lead to more novel ways of staining raw canvas — such as scrubbing cooking grease, and absorbing motor oil drips.

Conceptually, I am interested in how using a "process" approach — either by decomposition, scrubbing or absorbing — is able to imbue the work with a shroud-like pathos. Over time, I mounted the process-stained canvases onto more prominent, sculptural supports — allowing for a more corporeal integration of form and meaning, and contemplation from the viewer.

Robert M. Hopkins

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